Saturday, November 27, 2010

tkot nk tunggu result PMR kuar .....!

hmmm..ary neyh 27/11/2010...tkot nye nk wait result pmr...hope cgt dpt result yg bgus..
result kuar mybe 22/12/2010 or 28/12/2010.. perasaan tkot + hepi dpt jmpa kwn2 yg dh lme xjmpa selme 1bln lbih tkot sgt skunk neyh sis dpt mimpi bout my result...smthng yg bad bout my result....hmmmmm...tkot...hope that dreamz is not true.....mak,akk n my bro dh warning me....if result truk no more internet,no more hp,no more tv,no more jln2 n no more everythng...;-( n nxt year pew yg aq mntk xan dpt...nk2 smthng yg aq ske...hmm..;-( aq harap sgt result aq bgus...n xmenghampa an parents aq.....

aq harap result aq xmenghampa an mak n ayh harap sgt2....

Friday, November 26, 2010

i'm sorry lover..

okayh firstly i want to say sorry to smone yg very2 important in my life...i thnk without this person i cn't live with happines in my life rite now...she always with me when i really need her...she always with me watever my situation...she always help me when i needed..but i always hurt her feeling n her heart...i dn't know why i do that to her..i dn't know why???tis tyme i really2 hurt her..i hurt her with same mistake..n with same person..
i dn't know y..??? i pomiz to her that i will not repeat the same mistake...but i broke that pomiz...:(
this tyme i really2 regret...i dn't want to hurt my lover anymore...i really2 sorry..this tyme i really pomiz to you that i will not hurt you anymore....i pomiz that...i dn't want to lost you for a second tyme in my life..u'r my everything in this world ! u'r my lover ! my only nyawa ! no one cn tke you from me...
no one ! love you 4ever ! never ever want to lost you ! never ! not again ! pliz be mine ! only mine! anyone tke you from my life...i will kill that person ! i dn't care ! dn't wory i always be yours ! i only for you ! not for other person ! lastly i just want to say sorryyyy ! i really2 sorry !

i always love you ! <3 ! no one cn change that ! no one !