Friday, November 26, 2010

i'm sorry lover..

okayh firstly i want to say sorry to smone yg very2 important in my life...i thnk without this person i cn't live with happines in my life rite now...she always with me when i really need her...she always with me watever my situation...she always help me when i needed..but i always hurt her feeling n her heart...i dn't know why i do that to her..i dn't know why???tis tyme i really2 hurt her..i hurt her with same mistake..n with same person..
i dn't know y..??? i pomiz to her that i will not repeat the same mistake...but i broke that pomiz...:(
this tyme i really2 regret...i dn't want to hurt my lover anymore...i really2 sorry..this tyme i really pomiz to you that i will not hurt you anymore....i pomiz that...i dn't want to lost you for a second tyme in my life..u'r my everything in this world ! u'r my lover ! my only nyawa ! no one cn tke you from me...
no one ! love you 4ever ! never ever want to lost you ! never ! not again ! pliz be mine ! only mine! anyone tke you from my life...i will kill that person ! i dn't care ! dn't wory i always be yours ! i only for you ! not for other person ! lastly i just want to say sorryyyy ! i really2 sorry !

i always love you ! <3 ! no one cn change that ! no one !

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